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The Top 5 C++ IDE's And Compilers Available Right Now

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software application that provides a complete set of features for application development. Code is generally written in text format, and you can easily edit or modify your code using text editors like Notepad, Word, Wordpad, and UltraEdit. For a developer, beginner or professional, however, a C++ IDE is really important because of powerful tailored…
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This Is How To Convert u16string To A wstring In C++

What do we mean by “wide string” in a C++ app? What is a u16string? How can I convert a u16string to a wstring? Let’s answer these questions. What is a wstring? Wide strings are the string class for ‘wide’ characters represented by wstring. Alphanumeric characters are stored and displayed in string form. In other words wstring stores alphanumeric text with 2 or…
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5 Top C++ Features That Show It's Not As Tricky As You Think

1. C++ is an Object Oriented Programming Language Applications have become much more complex nowadays. They have a wide variety of data storage types, variables and a plethora of user interface paradigms for us to follow. We also have many types of variables (integers, floating points, strings, Booleans) in tables with enormous sizes of databases. We have to integrate all of this in harmony.
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What Is The Right Way To Use const_cast In C++?

What is casting in C++? What is a cast operator? What types of casting can be used in a C++ app? What is const_cast in C++? How can I use const_cast in C++? C++ is a fast and powerful programming language suitable for manipulating data and memory for almost any purpose including operations with data types, operations with pointers, operations between classes, etc. In C++, both structs and…
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