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Learn To Simulate Realistic 2D Ball Physics in C++ Builder

In this post, we will explain how we can simulate realistic 2D ball physics in an easy and accessible way. Let’s assume that we look from an X-Y view, and Y is the height which means Y=0 is the ground. How we can simulate ball physics in a given ball velocity and gravity in that environment. C++ Builder is a great compiler and IDE with FireMonkey and VCL frameworks. It has compilers…
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Why You Should Learn About Hilarious Hedgehogs In C++

I know what you’re thinking: hedgehogs. Those cute, spiky little mammals who snuffle around in bushes and famously curl into a ball when life looks a little too scary. But, bear with me, those hedgehogs can serve a serious purpose in C++. In this post, you’ll learn how to draw vectors in arrows and visualize them with hedgehogs on the bitmap. By learning how to draw your engineering…
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This Is The Smart Low Code Way To Do 3D Visualization In C++

In this post, you’ll discover how we can display two-dimensional data? Can we display data in X and Y? In C++, how can we make a 3D rectangular prism? How do we generate random two-dimensional data? How can we display 2D data with rectangular bars? How can we rotate a 3D visualization? How do we zoom in and out of a 3D visualization?By learning how to do 3D visualization in c++, it will help…
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How To Make A Simple REST Client In C++ And More

In this post, you’ll learn what REST is and what “RESTful” means. How can we create a simple REST client? How can we use free JSON-based APIs with REST? Is it possible to connect to JSON-based Web Services? By learning how to simply build a REST Client, it will help you to build C++ applications with the use of a C++ IDE. Everything you need to know about REST REST…
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