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General Loop Statements in Modern C++

Each loop statement in C++ has its loop body which is executed repeatedly until the loop condition expression that yields a loop condition becomes false (otherwise, the loop will run “forever”). The statement continue can be used to interrupt the current iteration and skip the rest of the loop body to immediately check the loop condition before continuing. A whole loop statement can beโ€ฆ
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How To Create A Dev C++ Static Library For Windows

Welcome back to our Embarcadero Dev-C++ videos series. In this session is about creating C++ static libraries. Static libraries are collections of object files that are linked together when a file gets compiled into an executable. In this tutorial you canโ€ฆ
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Colors In Modern C++ For Windows Development

Colors are very important in application development on both displaying and editing/analyzing operations. All images (pictures, photos, drawings, icons, emojis, all UI elements …) are consist of pixels in colors. You just need to change the colors of a pixel to draw a beautiful drawing or to edit a photo. You can set your drawings, bitmaps, images, you can create colorful BMP, JPG, PNGโ€ฆ
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Switch Statement in Modern C++

The C++ language provides the switch statement which can be used to replace the set of if statements (see If Statements in Modern C++). First of all, let’s define the enum type Traffic_light_color as follows: enum class Traffic_light_color { red, yellow, greenโ€ฆ
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Tutorial: How To Compile And Run First Dev-C++ Win32 Desktop App

Welcome to our Embarcadero Dev-C++ video series! In this tutorial, you will learn how to build and design Win32 desktop applications with Dev-C++. Win32 is the Windows application programming interface for developing 32-bit applications. And in this tutorial you will learn about: Windows Coding ConventionsBasics of building Desktop application with C++Working process of Win32 API basedโ€ฆ
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