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Learn What A Null Pointer Constant (nullptr) Is In Modern C++

C++ is an amazing programming language. Variables and memory usage are important in programming, and how we handle these are improved in every C++ standard. One of the great features is null pointer constants in modern C++ which was introduced with the C++11 standard. In this post, we explain what a null pointer constant (nullptr ) is with very simple examples. You can learn C++ and follow along…
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What Are The Type Template Parameters In C++

Template feature in C++ is one of the great features of modern C++. One of the great features of modern C++ is the ability to define templates. Templates are one of the most important techniques for you to learn, since it’s really only with knowledge of templates that you can claim to understand C++. So much of C++, including the standard library that you use every day as a C++…
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Learn How To Work With Very Large Real Numbers In C++

C++ is a superb programming language that has rich collection of very useful libraries. One of the most common problems in programming is limitations of the types of numbers that we use. If you are about to calculate very big, large real numbers (i.e. factorial 100!) the Boost C++ Libraries can be very useful in avoiding issues and help make things much easier. Boost allows you to use very large…
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What Is typedef In C++

C++ language is an evolved version of the C language. In development, the most commonly used features and functions in C++ come, at least in part, from the C language. One of these C-based features is the typedef specifier. While there is a type alias in C++ typedef is still a strong feature which allows us to create abbreviations for long types. In this article, we will explain how to use…
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