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How To Run C++ Program in Terminal

The C++ programming language is great – it’s very popular and extremely powerful for all sorts of programming. It one of the most popular programming languages and often features among the two three languages on any lists. Perhaps now you want to start programming in C++ but don’t know where to start? In this post, we explain simply how you can download a free C++ Editor and…
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What Does C Stand For In Programming?

The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is the highly evolved and modernized Object-Oriented version of the C language. In LearnCPlusPlus.org, you can learn C++ but we also make it easy for you to learn some C language programming too. You can develop amazing C and C++ apps for a range of different platforms with a professional C++ IDE and…
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What Is Int In C Programming?

C is one of the most powerful programming languages in the World and it’s suitable for a wide variety of uses. Integer variables are one of the important data types that we end up using frequently in our programs. The RAD Studio and C++ Builder IDEs, while primarily intended for creating C++ programs are extremely powerful free C IDEs too for those who want to develop applications of all…
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What is type casting in C programming?

C and C++ are one of the top 3 programming languages worldwide. Type casting is one of the most used methods to convert similar variable types to different types in C and C++. Type casting in C or in C++ can be done by using data type in parenthesis in the code lines in a C++ Editor like C++ Builder or Dev-C++. In this post, we explain type casting in C and other casting methods available to us in…
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