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Learn about Polymorphism :: Pointers to Base Classes in C++

Generally we try to prepare our posts for a first time C++ readers or we assume reader read some posts about that topic before. At least we try to simplify and clarify the post as much as possible. This post requires a good knowledge about Functions, Classes, Objects and Pointers. These topics are the main stones of C++. So If you feel hard to understand all below, or if you are not really sure of…
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AI Techs :: Learn About Self Regularized Non-Monotonic (Mish) Activation Function

What is Self Regularized Non-Monotonic Activation Function in Neural Networks? How we can use the Mish function in ANN? Where can we use Mish in AI technologies? Let’s remember the activation function and explain these terms.Activation Function( phi() ) also called astransfer function, orthreshold functionthat determines the activation value ( a = phi(sum) ) from a…
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