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Learn About Basic Windows Components In C++ Development (QuickLook Part 3)

This post about listing String and displaying methods as fast as possible in Modern C++, in C++ Builder FireMonkey projects. In general if you have many String additions to you component, you must use BeginUpdate() and EndUpdate() methods of that Class member to do these operations faster. In normal way most of Components are also doing this addition method faster. Memo and StringLists…
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The Main Function of a C++ Program

The source code written in C++ must be compiled (i.e. translated to the machine code) by one or another compiler such as Embarcadero RAD Studio C++ compilers before in can be runned. In general, there are two types of the resulting machine code: library and main executable…
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Traversing sequences without writing explicit loops

The posts General Loop Statements in Modern C++ and Range-for-statement in modern C++ cover ways to write explicit loops. But explicit loops can be tedious to write and, what is more important, – harder to read, because the resulting code requires to spend the extra time by others in order to understand what is going on in the explicit loop. As alternative, the C++ standard library provides…
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How To Create A Dev C++ Static Library For Windows

Welcome back to our Embarcadero Dev-C++ videos series. In this session is about creating C++ static libraries. Static libraries are collections of object files that are linked together when a file gets compiled into an executable. In this tutorial you can…