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What is aligned_storage in Modern C++

The C++11 standard introduced alignment support as one of the many features of the C++ programming language that can be used with the newest C++ compilers today. One of the new features of this support was a new keyword align std::aligned_storage that is used to provide the nested typewhich can be used as an uninitialized storage for any object whose size is at mostgiven object…
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What Is The alignof Expression In Modern C++?

Alignment support comes with the C++11 standard and it is one of the recent features of Modern C++ compilers. One part of this support is a new keyword alignof which is used for the alignment requirement of a type. In this post, we explain how we can use alignof in Modern C++. What is alignment support in modern C++? When we talk about ‘alignment’ in C++ it means a set of hints…
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How To Learn Limits Of A Variable Type In C++

When there is a numerical value in an application’s development code, a professional programmer needs to understand which type of a variable should be used how big it could be in terms of capacity and memory usage. The developer must take into account what the minimum and maximum ranges could be. In most operations, the exact choice of variable might not be too important, but for larger…
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What Are The Type Template Parameters In C++

Template feature in C++ is one of the great features of modern C++. One of the great features of modern C++ is the ability to define templates. Templates are one of the most important techniques for you to learn, since it’s really only with knowledge of templates that you can claim to understand C++. So much of C++, including the standard library that you use every day as a C++…
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