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Learn How To Adapt Classic Windows C/C++ Samples To Modern C++ In C++ Builder

There are many C++ examples and many tutorials over the classic C/C++, and when you jump to Modern C++ these examples may seem to be very hard to adapt. In real, it is not complicated much, you just need to modify input and output operations to GUI based input and output components. So basically, most of classic C and C++ examples are easy to transfer to GUI based applications.In this article, we…
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Colors In Modern C++ For Windows Development

Colors are very important in application development on both displaying and editing/analyzing operations. All images (pictures, photos, drawings, icons, emojis, all UI elements …) are consist of pixels in colors. You just need to change the colors of a pixel to draw a beautiful drawing or to edit a photo. You can set your drawings, bitmaps, images, you can create colorful BMP, JPG, PNG…
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Learn About Handling Android32 Permissions In C++

Mobile android applications developed in C++ Builder requires permissions to use some part of mobile devices (sensors, camera etc..). These should be allowed by the user. an these permissions can be checked over the project options from Project > Options > Application > Uses Permissions section. Some of these permissions were listed in this document…
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