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What Is A Data Race In Multi-threading C++ Apps And How To Avoid It

In modern programming, if you are developing multithreaded applications, data races are a common problem in threads. Data races occur when multiple tasks or threads access a shared resource without sufficient protection, leading to undefined or unpredictable behavior on runtime. You can imagine two or more task threads in cores trying to reach the same data in a race. In this post, we explain…
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How To Use std::thread In Modern C++?

In modern mathematics, physics, and computer science; optimized and fasterapp developmentin programming is very important to speed up computations. CPUs and GPUs are highly evolved by the number of cores and transistors to give more computational power to today’s servers and computers. Thus, we can use more cores and threads in our applications by using std::thread. We can use…
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How To Harness The Power Of Multi-Threading In C++

Sooner or later the subject of multi-tasking or multi-threading comes up when programming. We’ll try to answer some of the most common questions about multi-threading or multi-tasking in C++, because multi-tasking can be useful in the future when developing C++ applications with the C++ IDE. What is a task?What do we mean by multi-tasking?What is a thread?What is multi-threading?Why do we…
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Learn C++ Optimization With A Genetic Algorithms Example

Solving C++ optimization problems are one of the areas of all quantitative disciplines from social science, economics to engineering fields such as computer science. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a kind of machine learning process that is used to generate high-quality solutions to optimization and search problems by relying on biologically inspired operators such as mutation, crossover, and…
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