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How To Use The SVG Image Format With Skia In C++ Builder

The latest RAD Studio / C++ Builder 12 comes with a lot of new features, one of them is Skia graphics library support in C++. Skia is an open-source graphic library that provides support for a variety of hardware and software platforms. Skia provides smooth 2D graphics that uses GPU efficiently. Skia supports a lot of new image formats, such as .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .gif animation, .svg, .ico…
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How To Make Images Have A Pixelate Effect In Your C+ App

What do we mean by a Pixelate effect in C++? Which C++ IDE supports easily creating Pixelate effects? How can I use a Pixelate effect for images in my C++ app? Is there an easy way to add Pixelate Effects to components? How can I add pixelate effect to alpha images on my applications? How can I use TPixelateEffect in C++ Builder? Are there any tips to add pixelate during the development of C++…
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Quickly Learn To Develop A Simple Windows Paint Application in Modern C++

Do you want to develop a Paint like application on windows? In this project we will develop a simple paint application in Modern C++ for windows. Before this we would like to recommend you our previous posts about Bitmap Operations In C++ Builder (FireMonkey) and Quickly Learn How To Use Canvas Drawing In C++ On Windows. This example is good to learn how to use graphics. When you code in C++…
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