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How To Use Basic Methods Of Strings In C++?

In C++, one of the most used variable types are text strings, also known as alfa-numeric variables, and they are really important when storing and retrieving valuable data. It is important to store your data safely in its language and localization. In modern C++, strings are std::basic_string types such as std::string, and std::wstring. In this post, we explain some methods of std::string in…
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Learn How To Use Non-Copyable Movable Types in C++ Templates

In C++, memory and CPU/GPU management are very important and the compiler is amazingly using them well in templates, classes, and objects. Every declaration and usage of any bits may cause a lot of heavy calculations, memory usage, and high CPU/GPU usage. Using copy and move types in templates is very important when you develop a professional app. In this post, we explain how you can use…
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