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Learn C++ With Building Coroutine Based Job System Without Standard Library by Tanki Zhang (CPPCon 2020) Video

Job system is a popular game engine component to increase total CPU performance. This video will walk you through the creation of coroutine-based work system and describe the benefits of using coroutines over the traditional ways of constructing a work system. This will address the design decision, the trade-offs and the current limitations. It is a crash course for system developers who want to…
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40 Amazing Years Of Powerful C++ And C++20 Features By Bjarne Stroustrup (CppCon 2019)

This presentation by Bjarne Stroustrup who began developing C++ (initially called “Cwith Classes”) in 1979, is about to explain what’s great about C++, C++20, as a modern language. Bjarne explains how do classes, templates, and lambdas fit together? What have constructors and destructors to do with exceptions? What’s in the standard library? How can we start using…
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Learn To Use Script Injection Method In Modern C++ On Windows With EdgeBrowser

If you want to analyze browsed web pages, first you need a web browser component. We can use Script Injection methods to get more details about the HTML or XML documents, for example to get Title of that webpage, or full Body of that page, or value of an element. This is very useful for data mining or for analyzing web pages, this can be applied with time intervals for refreshing web pages, like…
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