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Learn Basic Components in C++ Builder (QuickLook Part 1)

In this article we will add some quick methods to show how to use basic components in C++ Builder. Most of component properties and methods are same in VCL and FMX projects. If you are a beginner we highly recommend you to watch this Introduction To C++ Windows Development With C++Builder video to understand C++ Builder / RAD Studio IDE interface and some basic mechanisms. This video will help…
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Insert Iterators Adapters in C++

Let’s slightly modify the example from The Move Iterator Adapter in C++ post: #include <algorithm> #include <list> #include <string> #include <vector> /// @warning BUG! PLEASE, DON'T USE! auto deep_copy_to_list(const std::vector<std::string>& src) { std::list<std::string> dst; // constructs the empty list copy(cbegin(src), cend(src)…
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