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What is type casting in C programming?

C and C++ are one of the top 3 programming languages worldwide. Type casting is one of the most used methods to convert similar variable types to different types in C and C++. Type casting in C or in C++ can be done by using data type in parenthesis in the code lines in a C++ Editor like C++ Builder or Dev-C++. In this post, we explain type casting in C and other casting methods available to us in…
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Is C Programming Case Sensitive And C++ Too?

C is one of the most powerful programming languages and it’s suitable for a wide variety of uses. You can compile C code with a number of different C++ and C compiler types. The RAD Studio and C++ Builder IDEs are extremely powerful development tools for those who want to develop C and C++ applications of all types. In this post, we will explain the case sensitivity of C and C++. As C and…
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What C Programming Is Used For Memory Operations?

In all programs, not just in C programming, all data and operations during runtime are stored in the memory of our computers, including IoT or other microdevices. This memory is generally a RAM (Random Access Memory) that allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. In this post we explain how to use the…
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Why Is C The Most Popular Programming Language?

While Python and many other programming languages are widely spread around the programming world, the C programming language still holds the crown as one of the World’s most popular programming languages. Today, you can learn how to write C and C++ code to easily develop desktop, mobile and IoT applications for the different operating systems. A C compiler and also C++ compiler are great…
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