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What Is A Function Template In C++?

One of the great features of modern C++ is templates. A template is a simple and a very powerful statement in C++ which defines the operations of a class or function and lets the user apply the same template on different types in those operations. In this post we will explain function templates in C++ which can be used by a professional C++ Compiler and IDE with C++ examples from this article.
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How To Use std::sort With A Lambda Expression In C++

In C++, the Standard Template Library or STL has many algorithms for operations like searching, counting, and manipulation of ranges and their elements. C++17 has a new feature that you can sort with std::sort parallel STL algorithm. Lambda Expressions are another great feature of C++ and they can be used to sort data by std::sort parallel STL algorithm. Make sure you’re using a modern C++…
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This Is How To Use Character Literals in Modern C++

One of the basic data types of programming is characters, one, two or four bytes of data elements. Characters are the part of strings and strings are important in every step of programming and they should be used carefully and displayed carefully they should be as global as possible if you are developing global applications that use different languages. Understanding how to use character literals…
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How To Run C++ Program in Terminal

The C++ programming language is great – it’s very popular and extremely powerful for all sorts of programming. It one of the most popular programming languages and often features among the two three languages on any lists. Perhaps now you want to start programming in C++ but don’t know where to start? In this post, we explain simply how you can download a free C++ Editor and…
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