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What is _t (underscore-t) in C++? Why some types followed by _t?

The C++ Programming Language is huge, it may have millions and millions of keywords, and commands with every new library or feature addition. In programming, it is hard to memorize all of these keywords. Sometimes when we are using some keywords, we may have some questions about them, because we want to learn and memorize them logically. If you are using C or C++, we may have these questions…
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What is aligned_storage in Modern C++

The C++11 standard introduced alignment support as one of the many features of the C++ programming language that can be used with the newest C++ compilers today. One of the new features of this support was a new keyword align std::aligned_storage that is used to provide the nested typewhich can be used as an uninitialized storage for any object whose size is at mostgiven object…
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What Is The alignof Expression In Modern C++?

Alignment support comes with the C++11 standard and it is one of the recent features of Modern C++ compilers. One part of this support is a new keyword alignof which is used for the alignment requirement of a type. In this post, we explain how we can use alignof in Modern C++. What is alignment support in modern C++? When we talk about ‘alignment’ in C++ it means a set of hints…
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What is a Forward Declaration enum Enumeration in C++?

Understanding how to correct declare variables is important in programming, especially in a modern C++ Application. There is an enumeration method that allows you to easily enumerate (count or determine their place in an order) values in variables. In C++, enumeration is very important and widely used. In C++, enumeration can be done with an enum keyword which can be used…
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