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What Are The Member Initializers And Aggregates Features in C++14?

C++14 brought us a lot of useful things that we use today. One of the great features of C++14 was the member initializers and aggregates feature that a class with default member initializers may now be an aggregate. In this post, we explain how can use member initializers and aggregates with examples. What are the member initializers and aggregates features in C++14? With the new C++14, a…
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Learn How To Use The Override Specifier In Modern C++

Modern C++ has many additions compared to the original C++ standard. Regarding virtual overrides, C++11 tends to tighten the rules, to detect some problems that often arise. To achieve this goal C++11 introduces two new contextual keywords, the final and the override specifiers. Theoverride specifieris used to redefine the base class function in a derived class with the same signature…
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Learn To Use Powerful Modern Linked Lists In C++

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: Can I use linked lists with unique_ptr in a modern way?How can I use linked list with the class, struct combinations?How can I use smart pointers with linked lists? By learning how to use Powerful Modern Linked Lists in c++, it will help you to build C++ applications with the use of C++ Software. What does the smart pointer unique_ptr…
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Learn about Data Structures in C & C++

In general, when we do programming we have a lot of variables and some of these variables are properties of an object, for example if we want to make a database about students in C++, each student has similar properties to store. We can generalize all these properties in a single group. In this post we will explain structs in detail.In C & C++ programming; aData Structure(struct)…
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