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Why Is C The Most Popular Programming Language?

While Python and many other programming languages are widely spread around the programming world, the C programming language still holds the crown as one of the World’s most popular programming languages. Today, you can learn how to write C and C++ code to easily develop desktop, mobile and IoT applications for the different operating systems. A C compiler and also C++ compiler are great…
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What Is Programming Language C?

The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. But what do we mean by C programming? Did you know that C be used to develop apps like  simple C and C++ hello world examples to professional C and C++ applications with free tools like Dev-C++…
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Learn How To Use Operators In C++

C Programming language is one of the oldest programming language. A lot of operands in other programming languages got inspiration from this language. C and C++ have the same operators and most of them are the same in other programming languages. In programming variable at the left side of the equation symbol is a new variable, or variable that will have new value from the right side of the…
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