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Learn How To Draw Charts With Simple TeeChart (TChart) Examples in C++

The RAD Studio, C++ Builder 11 and C++ Builder CE Community Editions have a lot of amazing visual and nonvisual components that you can use in your modern applications for Windows and mobile. One of these is the free chart component for the VCL and FMX frameworks called TeeChart (TChart). TChart comes with RAD Studio including RAD Studio 10.x,11.x and the CE versions. How To Install and Use…
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How To Make Images Have A Pixelate Effect In Your C+ App

What do we mean by a Pixelate effect in C++? Which C++ IDE supports easily creating Pixelate effects? How can I use a Pixelate effect for images in my C++ app? Is there an easy way to add Pixelate Effects to components? How can I add pixelate effect to alpha images on my applications? How can I use TPixelateEffect in C++ Builder? Are there any tips to add pixelate during the development of C++…
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