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What Does Library Mean In C Programming?

The C programming language is one of the most popular programming languages. C++ is the highly evolved and modernized Object Oriented version of the C language and its compilers also support C language-only apps. Libraries are one of the main important parts of the C and C++ languages. For example, you can use <stdio.h> library – or <cstdio> in C++ – for the standard input output…
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How To Make A New 64bits FMX Component

How can I create a new 64bits FMX Component for my C++ app? How can I use the New Component menu? How can I use and fill the New Component Wizard for 64bits FMX applications? What is a Component in C++? What is an Object in C++? Let’s answer these questions. One of the most powerful features of the C++ Builder is its own library of great components that can be used with or without…
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How to Create a New Windows FMX DLL In C++

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: What is Static Library?What is DLL?How do I create a new DLL Dynamic Library?Can I create a new DLL using FMX framework? How can I create a function in a Dynamic Library? Where can I find a simple DLL example as a C++ Builder FMX?Can we develop Dynamic Link Libraries in C++ Builder for Windows FireMonkey Applications?Is it possible to use…
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How Do I Easily Connect To A MySQL Database In C++?

We have posts that explain how you can connect to different databases like MySQL, Interbase, PostgreSQL, MSSQL with different components like FireDAC, MyDAC, etc. If you need more help about this topic Please check here about these database posts. In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: How can I use visual bindings with a…
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