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How to Use Basic String and Unicode String in Modern C++

In programming, one of the most used variable types are text strings, and they are sometimes really important when storing and retrieving valuable data. It is important to store your data safely in its language and localization. Most programming languages have issues when storing texts and letters. In C++, there is very old well-known string type (arrays of chars) and modern types…
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What Is An Array In C Programming?

If you are developing C apps with a C or C++ IDE that is compatible withMicrosoft C++ build tools, one of the most important parts of C programming is using data in memory efficiently. Arrays in C and C++ are one of the fastest tools in the C language. If you are asking what an array is in C programming or C++, we explain with examples below. What is an array in C programming ? In the…
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How To Copy A Wide String to Wide Char Array In A C++ App

How can I use copy() method of std::wstring in a C++ app? How can I copy a wide string to a wide char array? Here are the answers with C++ examples. What is a WString? wstrings (Wide Strings) are the string class for characters that has 2 bytes that represented with wstring. In Modern C++, alphanumeric characters are stored in wide strings because of their support for characters of World…
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This Is How To Convert A String To A Char Array In C++ Software

How can we convert one string to char array in Modern C++? Here are the answers with C++ software examples. Generally, as an introduction to C++, in addition to int, float, double there is another data type, string that we use for alphanumeric variables. In C++ there are several typedefs for common character types are provided: String types are defined in header<string>. strings…
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