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Easily Learn To Find Prime Numbers In Modern C++

Prime numbers are interesting area to research. A prime number, it is also called prime shortly , is a natural number (a positive integer)  greater than 1 that is not a product of two smaller natural numbers. If a number is not prime then it is called as a composed number. There are several mathematical questions regarding prime numbers are still unsolved.  Finding them and relations and…
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Quickly Learn About Basic Windows Components In C++ Development (QuickLook Part 5)

Panel Panel (TPanel) is ageneral-purpose panel used to hold multiple controls for organizing purposes. It is used to hold some group of your components. Generally they are used with Alligns. We highly recommend you to align Panels to Left, Right, Top, Bottom or Client. Thereby, your application with contents in different panels may resize itself by the change of resolution, by the change…
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Quickly Learn About Basic Windows C++ Components (QuickLook Part 4)

TrackBar Trackbar is a slider on the form that allows users to get numeric values by dragging the track. A track bar can set integer values on a continuous range. It is useful for adjusting properties like color, volume and brightness. The user moves the slide indicator by dragging it to a particular location or clicking within the bar. We can set its Oriantaion to Horizantal or Vertial. We…
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How To Import FANN Library For C++ Builder Windows Projects

This article is about to help you on implementing an Artificial Neural Network by using FANN Library developed by Steffen Nissen. It supportsmore than 20+ programming languages (http://leenissen.dk/fann/wp/language-bindings/) including Delphi and C++ Builder. You can reach full information anddocumentation here and you can download FANN source files from theirweb page…
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