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What Is A Gaussian Activation Function In A Neural Network?

What is Gaussian Activation Function in Neural Networks? How can we use the Gaussian Function in ANN? Where can we use Gaussian Function in AI technologies? How can I use these functions in my C++ app? Let’s recap the activation function and explain these terms. What is an activation function in an artificial neural network (ANN)? An Activation Function ( phi() ) also called a…
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This Is How To Convert u16string To A wstring In C++

What do we mean by “wide string” in a C++ app? What is a u16string? How can I convert a u16string to a wstring? Let’s answer these questions. What is a wstring? Wide strings are the string class for ‘wide’ characters represented by wstring. Alphanumeric characters are stored and displayed in string form. In other words wstring stores alphanumeric text with 2 or…
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What Is The Hyperbolic Tangent Activation ANN Function?

What is a hyperbolic Tangent function? How can we use Hyperbolic Tangent Function in C++? Let’s answer these questions. What does an activation function mean in AI? Activation Function ( phi() ) also called as transfer function, or threshold function that determines the activation value ( a = phi(sum) ) from a given value (sum) from the Net Input Function . Net Input Function…
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What You Need For Encoding Wide Strings Using Bit Shifting

What is the fastest wide string encoding and decoding method? What is the fastest method to secure wide strings? Can we use shifting to encode or decode a wide string? Can we use shifting on Wide-Strings or on binary data? Do Wide strings help me build C++ applications with the use of a C++ compiler? Let’s answer these questions. What are bitwise operations? Thebitis the…
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