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What is _t (underscore-t) in C++? Why some types followed by _t?

The C++ Programming Language is huge, it may have millions and millions of keywords, and commands with every new library or feature addition. In programming, it is hard to memorize all of these keywords. Sometimes when we are using some keywords, we may have some questions about them, because we want to learn and memorize them logically. If you are using C or C++, we may have these questions…
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How To Use The All-Powerful swscanf function In Your C++ App

What is the swscanf function? How can I use swscanf in a C++ app? Where can I find format specifiers for the swccanf function? What is the syntax of swscanf? Where can I find full examples of using the swscanf function in a C++ app? What is the swscanf function? The swscanf function is an old C function (since C95) that reads data from a variety of sources, scans and formats input from a…
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