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Everything You Need To Use Dates Properly In C++ Software

How can we use DateTime correctly in our C++ software? How can we display date in format in C++ Builder? How can we get each date and time property individually such as hours, mins, or seconds?We have discussed “Learn to Use Date and Its Properties in C++” before. All the examples in that article are able to run in C++ Builder too since they stick to CLANG standards. In this post, we…
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Learn to Use Date and Its Properties in Your C++ App

How can we use Date in a C++ App? In programming we have two important parameters that we frequently use – the Date and Time properties. The Date and Time property is obtained from a timer or time module which is a physical device on the hardware you are using. For example, a real-time clock (RTC) DS3231 module is used to count and ‘remember’ the correct time on IoTs. Other…
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