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How to Use Basic String and Unicode String in Modern C++

In programming, one of the most used variable types are text strings, and they are sometimes really important when storing and retrieving valuable data. It is important to store your data safely in its language and localization. Most programming languages have issues when storing texts and letters. In C++, there is very old well-known string type (arrays of chars) and modern types…
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Where To Find The C++ Standards In 2023?

C++ is a well-established programming language that is supported by a big community for many different computing hardware platforms. The language has a set of standards generally named after the approximate year the standard was adopted, such as C++98, C++11, C++14, C++17…
C++C++11C++14C++17Introduction to C++Learn C++

What is the std namespace in C++?

What is namespace std in C++? What does namespace mean for a C++ compiler? How can we define a namespace in C++ IDE? Why don’t we use “using namespace std;” in C++ Builder? How can I use the std namespace? How can I define my own namespace? Let’s answer these questions. What is a namespace in C++? Namespaces in C++ (namespace) allow users to group named entities…
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