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Learn How To Eliminate Pointers In Templates in C++

The C++ language is a very rich and flexible programming language packed full of features designed to help you create modern, robust applications of all types. One of the great features of modern C++ is templates. In some cases, we need to eliminate pointers in templates. In this article, we will explain how to eliminate pointers in templates with C++ examples that can be used in any C++…
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What Is An Array In C Programming?

If you are developing C apps with a C or C++ IDE that is compatible withMicrosoft C++ build tools, one of the most important parts of C programming is using data in memory efficiently. Arrays in C and C++ are one of the fastest tools in the C language. If you are asking what an array is in C programming or C++, we explain with examples below. What is an array in C programming ? In the…
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Learn To Code Simple Linked List In Modern C++ On Windows

ALinked List, composed of structural elements and it is a linear data structure, and each element is stored at different memory locations. Linked lists are good to add, inserts, subtract, delete each element from this list. Linked lists were popular much in the 80s to 2000s, nowadays mostlyvectorswith structures are used instead of linked lists, because of their simplified…
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