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Learn To Create A Torus As A Custom 3D Mesh Object in C++ Builder

In a 3D Application Development, 3D objects can be displayed with 2D projection methods by using 2D / 3D mathematical calculations drawings. That may be hard to code and needs much coding skills to display them. We can use OpenGL and DirectX with their 3D functions/commands to display them. We can also use and port a 3D Engine SDK. In C++ Builder, 3D objects can be easily displayed by using…
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Learn To Quickly Create Specific 3D Objects In Modern C++ Applications For Windows

3D Objects are like wrapped papers in 3D form. They consist of points which shape a polygon. It’s very rare to use anything other than triangles, and more complex shapes are decomposed into multiple triangles. Our 3D objects are stored with these points, data that which points are shaping polygons. In modern application development most of these objects are generated by a 3D Designer…
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