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When Is The CMath Mathematical Special Functions Header Used in Modern C++?

The math library <math.h> in C language is designed to be used in mathematical operations. From the first C language to the latest C++ Builder 12, there have been many changes and improvements in both hardware and software. We were able to use this math.h library in C++ applications. After the C++17 standard, this library is modernized in the cmath library, Functions are declared…
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Quickly Learn To Draw Powerful Mathematical Functions Dynamically in Modern C++ on Windows

Most of engineering applications needs to display data in part of time or in real time. There are many ways to draw mathematical functions or data series. There are also components which makes easy to display, zoom, arrange, save or load data. In this post we will explain what is the best way to draw mathematical functions.Modern way to display drawings in C++ is using these Bitmaps. Bitmaps has…
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