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What Are Header Files In C++ and C Programming?

C and C++ languages are highly evolved and modern app-building software comes with a lot of libraries and with header files to define functions in these libraries. Header files and their libraries are one of the main important parts of the C and C++ languages. A header file can be added to code lines by using the #include <...> directive in a C++ code editor. For example, you can use…
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How to Create a New Windows FMX Static Library In C++

In this post, you’ll get answers to these questions: What is Static Library?What is DLL? How do I create a new DLL Dynamic Library?Can I create a new DLL using FMX framework?How can I create a function in a Dynamic Library?Where can I find a simple DLL example for C++ Builder FMX?Can we develop Dynamic Link Libraries in C++ Builder for Windows FireMonkey Applications?Is it possible to use…
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