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What Is Set (std::set) In Modern C++?

Modern C++ has a lot of options to add and modify data members with its amazing data holders, arrays, structs, pointers, and containers. Containers are powerful data storage arrays in C++ and they are very useful to iterate and search. A container is a holder object that stores data elements (a collection of data objects). std::array, std::vector, and std::map are these kinds of containers.
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What Is The find() Wide String Method In A Modern C++ App?

How can I access a character of a wstring in my C++ app? How can I use the at() method of wide strings? Can I use front() and back() methods in std::wstring to access characters? Modern C++ uses Wide Strings and Unicode Strings to support worldwide languages. Wide Strings (std::wstring) use wcha_tr as the character type which means they are 2-bytes chars and they are an…
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