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What You Need For Encoding Wide Strings Using Bit Shifting

What is the fastest wide string encoding and decoding method? What is the fastest method to secure wide strings? Can we use shifting to encode or decode a wide string? Can we use shifting on Wide-Strings or on binary data? Do Wide strings help me build C++ applications with the use of a C++ compiler? Let’s answer these questions. What are bitwise operations? Thebitis the…
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Learn To Develop Powerful C++ Windows Applications To Connect With An InterBase Database

InterBaseis a powerful database developed and supported by Idera / Embarcadero, it has a zero-administration, small-footprint database engine that can power your server and even run on your mobile devices as an embedded database.The InterBase 2020release adds a number of new features, including tablespaces support for InterBase, allowing for better performance on servers with…
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