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Learn How To Work With Very Large Real Numbers In C++

C++ is a superb programming language that has rich collection of very useful libraries. One of the most common problems in programming is limitations of the types of numbers that we use. If you are about to calculate very big, large real numbers (i.e. factorial 100!) the Boost C++ Libraries can be very useful in avoiding issues and help make things much easier. Boost allows you to use very large…
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Learn to Display Formatted Floating Numbers in C++ Builder

How we can display floating or double numbers in C++ Builder? How we can apply formatting display to floating numbers? How we can use StrToFloatF method in C++ Builder? Can we use printf in Modern C++? Let’s answer all these questions. What does the phrase “formatted floating point numbers” mean in C++? In programming, we use float, double, long double datatypes a lot for…
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