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What Are The New Begin End Iterators In C++14?

Iterators are one of the most useful features of containers in modern C++. Mostly we use them with vectors, maps, strings, and other containers of C++. In C++11, the begin() and end() iterators are used to define the start of iteration and the end of the iteration, mostly used in the for loops. In C++14, there are new additions to the global std::begin – std::end functions, and in this…
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Using Iterators of String in C++ Software

How can I use Iterator methods of strings in my C++ software apps? What kind of iterator methods I can use with a std::string? How can I use begin(), end() iterator methods with strings? the at() method of strings? Can I use front() and back() methods in std::string to access characters? Modern C++ usesStrings, Wide Strings, andUnicode Stringsto support worldwide…
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