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How To Use ProcessMessages Method In Windows Applications

In this post, you’ll learn how to use the ProcessMessages method, What about if I have a loop and the app’s GUI becomes unresponsive at runtime while the loop is running? How can I receive clicks on the components when I have a loop? How can I receive user inputs during code with heavy iterations?By learning how to use ProcessMessage Method in Windows applications, it will help you to…
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Learn C++ With Quickly Testing Qt Desktop Application with Approval Tests by Clare Macrae (CPPCon 2020) Video

This video will discuss the problems and possible sources of error that are unique to the code, which the Qt cross-platform graphical user interface library uses, and then explain how to defend against them. The video will also briefly discuss some other resources that can help to inspect and maintain the Qt code, which in turn will boost testability. Audience will discover some simple practical…
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