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The Main Function of a C++ Program

The source code written in C++ must be compiled (i.e. translated to the machine code) by one or another compiler such as Embarcadero RAD Studio C++ compilers before in can be runned. In general, there are two types of the resulting machine code: library and main executable (hereinafter simply executable). This post will briefly cover the later of these two. When an executable produced from a…
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How To Import FANN Library For C++ Builder Windows Projects

This article is about to help you on implementing an Artificial Neural Network by using FANN Library developed by Steffen Nissen. It supportsmore than 20+ programming languages (http://leenissen.dk/fann/wp/language-bindings/) including Delphi and C++ Builder. You can reach full information anddocumentation here and you can download FANN source files from theirweb page…
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Learn How To Create A Dev C++ Dynamic Link Library For Windows

Welcome to our Embarcadero Dev-C++ video series. In this video tutorial you can learn about creating DLL (Dynamic Link Library) with C programming language. Since Dynamic Link Libraries are one of the essential components of Windows application development, you should learn about them. So, this video helps you to grasp knowledge about benefits and disadvantages of…
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How To Create A Dev C++ Static Library For Windows

Welcome back to our Embarcadero Dev-C++ videos series. In this session is about creating C++ static libraries. Static libraries are collections of object files that are linked together when a file gets compiled into an executable. In this tutorial you can…