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How To Make Properties For A New FMX Component In The C++ IDE

How can I add custom properties to my new component in an FMX application? What is the syntax for the Component property? How can I add a visual property to my own custom FireMonkey component that can be read or written by the Object Inspector? How can I create a property that can be edited via the Object Inspector in the C++ IDE at design time and via coding at run time? What is the __published…
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How to Create a New 64bits VCL Component in C++ or Delphi

How can I create a new 64bits VCL Component? How can I use the New Component menu? How can I use and fill the New Component Wizard for the 64bits VCL applications? What is a Component in C++? What is an Object in C++? Let’s answer these questions. Note that this article uses C++ Software for its example, but the process for Delphi applications is exactly the same. One of the most…
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