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How To Use WString find_first_of() In A Modern C++ App

How can I search only a single character while the search is a wide string in my C++ app? What kind of methods I can use to find a character in a std::wstring? How can I use find_first_of(), find_last_of() methods with wstrings? Modern C++ uses Wide Strings and Unicode Strings to support worldwide languages. Wide Strings (std::wstring) uses wcha_tr as the character type which means they…
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How To Operate On The Words In A String In C++

How can I operate on the words in a given string? How can I split a string with multiple delimiters in C++? What is a word in programming? Today the digital world has billions of texts and books that have many sentences. Sometimes we need to operate on these sentences at the words level rather than the individual characters. For example, we need to analyze sentences to define the frequency…
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