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This Is How To Open C++ Builder .bpr Projects With The Latest RAD Studio

What is Project file in C++ Builder? What is .bpr file? Can I open very old C++ builder *.bpr project files with the latest RAD Studio? Is it possible to use forms of .bpr projects with the latest RAD Studio? How can I use forms of old .bpr project? In the last 40 years of there have been many changes in hardware and software. Improvement and changes are almost constant with very short…
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How To Use Begin() And End() Iterator Methods Of Vectors

What are the Vectors in C++? How can I use begin() iterator method? How can I use end() iterator method? Can I get the last member of a vector by using end() method? How can I access to the first element and the last place holder element of a vector? Can I print out members of vectors by using begin() and end() methods? Can I count members of vectors without using begin() and end() methods?
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How Do I Easily Connect To A MySQL Database In C++?

How can I use visual bindings with a database? What is LiveBindings? How can I use LiveBindings Designer? Can I use FireDAC components with Visual Bindings? Is there visual bindings in C++ Builder like there are in Objective-C++? Can I use MyDAC components with Visual Bindings? Can I use all components with Visual Bindings in C++ Builder? How can I create a database and connect to it by using…
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