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How To Add Shadow Effects To Your C++ Apps

Is there an easy way to add custom shadows to components? How can I add shadow to alpha images on my applications? What is Shadow Effect in C++? How can I Use TShadowEffect in C++ Builder? What are the visual tips to add shadows in the development of C++ applications? Let’s answer these questions. C++ Builderis the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building simple or…
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This Is How To Use Parallel Programming in C++ Builder

Do you want to learn what is Parallel Programming? Do you want to speed up your heavy calculation methods? Let’s see how it works. What is parallel programming in C++? Parallel Programming is generally used to solve heavy calculation problems such as real time analysis of multi dimensional data, image processing, calculations on fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and other engineering…
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How To Make AI Binary/Heaviside Step Functions In C++

What is a Binary Step Function? Should we use Binary Step Function or Heaviside Step Function? Are Binary Step functions and Heaviside Step functions the same thing? What is a Unit Step Function? Briefly, all these terms are same, let’s explain these terms. What is an activation function in C++ AI? An Activation Function ( phi() ) also called as transfer function, or threshold…
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What You Need To Know About std::basic_string In Modern C++

What is basic_string in modern C++? How can I use basic_string in C++? Is std::basic string same as std::string? What is basic_string? The basic_string (std::basic_string and std::pmr::basic_string) is a class template thatstores and manipulates sequences ofalpha numeric string objects (char,w_char,…). For example str::string and std::wstring are the data type that defined…
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