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How To Automate Background Compiling C++ With TwineCompile

Learn how to use the TwineCompile SORTA Automatic Background Compile feature of TwineCompile. Install TwineCompile via the GetIt Package Manager for C++Builder with Update Subscription. TwineCompile lists its features as: Advanced compile system uses multi-threading technology and caching techniques to make C++ compiles 50x faster!Automatic background compiling engine ensures that files are…
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How To Get Windows Environment Variables In C++ Builder

C++ Builder has a lot of specific methods in its SysUtils library that is included in VCL and FMX libraries. Some of these are grouped as Path Manipulation Routines which allow users to edit, extract, get and set drive name, directory name, file name, file extensions. These methods are combined in Vcl.FileCtrl, System.IOUtils,  System.SysUtils libraries. These all methods are easy to use and…
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Learn How To Use Booleans In C++

In programming, there are some of the parameters which have two values, as same as 0 and 1 bits in our computers. For these 1 and 0; Yes and No, On and Off,trueandfalse, Enabled or Disabled, etc.. variables there areBooleanoperands. We use Booleans, these kinds of switches to check most of the parameters, components, variables in classes, etc.booldata type…
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Quickly Learn About Data Types And Size Of Variables In The C++ Programming Language

In C++ Programming Language, the information is stored with the various data types like character, wide character, integer, floating point, double floating point, boolean etc.When coding in any programming language, we need to use various variables to store various information. Each variable reserves a location in memory, reading a variable from this memory location or writing a variable to this…
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