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How To Make A Simple But Powerful Chat Bot In C++

How can I make a simple but powerful chat bot in a C++ app? Where should I start to build a chat bot? Can I develop applications with chat functionality like Siri, Google Assistant and other AI based chat bots with C++ Builder? How can I start to develop a natual language processing NLP based application? What is the basic concept to make a simple chat bot? Technology moves fast and…
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This Is How To Compile C++ Apps On Windows

How can I compile my C++ app code on Windows? How can I compile Modern C++ code on Windows? How can I compile C++ on Windows with visual UI elements? Let’s answer these questions. If you are new to programming or even if you coming to C++ from another programming language, sometimes it is hard to understand how to write C_++ code, how to design the screens and how to compile and run…
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How To Make Use Of The Gyroscope Sensor in C++?

What is the gyroscope sensor? How can I use the gyroscope sensor in a C++ app? How can I measure the rotation of a mobile device? Let’s answer these questions. What is the gyroscope sensor? Gyroscope sensors, also known as Gyro Sensors, are sensors that measure rotational motion and changes in orientation of a device such as a cell phone or tablet. There are many different types…
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This Is How To Add A Blur Effect To Images In C++

What is the Blur Effect in C++? Which C++ IDE helps us easily add blur effects to our apps? How can I use a blur effect from a framework library in C++? Is there an easy way to add blur effects to components? How can I add a blur effect to alpha images in my applications? How can I use the TBlurEffect in C++ Builder? What are the visual tips to add blur in the development of C++ applications?
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