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What Is The Story of C++ Programming History?

Let’s go back to the future! When I began to research and write this article, all of these amazing years and the rich history of C and C++ came back to my mind. The C++ compiler history really can be traced back to the 1970’s with the birth of the C Language. C++ IDE features really evolved from the early and auspicious beginnings of Turbo C+ and Borland C++. Today we have a wide…
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See What's New In C++ Builder 11 And Delphi 11 - Just Released!

Embarcadero is delighted to announce the General Availability of RAD Studio 11. RAD Studio 11 Now Available! This release introduces several new features, enhancements, and quality updates in key areas including: Provision apps for Windows 11Compile for Android API 30Compile for macOS M-series (Apple Silicon) processorsDesign on high-DPI 4k+ screensView VCL Styles in design timeNew…
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Learn C++ With The Networking TS from Scratch: I/O Objects by Robert Leahy (CPPCon 2020) Video

Networking TS Facilities provide a framework within which testable, extensible, asynchronous programs can be written in C++. In addition to this, the Networking TS sets out specific “I/O object” types that provide means of performing I/O and thus enable the authoring of such programs to take place immediately. These provided I/O objects will invariably not be sufficient. The talk will…
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