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Why You Should Know ELU Artificial Neural Net Functions

What is an Exponential Linear Unit or ELU? How can we use an ELU Activation Function? What do we need to know about activation functions? An Activation Function ( phi() ) also called as transfer function, or threshold function, determines the activation value ( a = phi(sum) ) from a given value (sum) from the Net Input Function . Net Input Function, here the sum is a sum of signals…
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This Is How To Make Artificial Neuron Models in C++

What is a simple artificial neuron in C++? How can we code a simple AI neuron in C++ ? Should we use arrays or classes or structs ? In previous AI Tech posts, we answered all these questions. In this post we list all simple AI models in C++. There can be many models depending on your research. We have tried to keep these posts simple to understand the different ways of AI programming in…
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How To Set Runtime Process Priority On Windows In A C++ App

How I can set runtime process priority on my Windows C++ application? Can I change the process priority level on runtime? May I apply specific process priorities in different actions? How can use full power of one of my CPU core or thread? How can I use maximum power of my CPU in efficient way? Let’s try to answer these questions.The C++ Builder VCL library has a lot of Windows specific…
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How To Use Smart Pointers For Dynamic C++ Memory Management

In computers, all data and operations during runtime is stored in the memory of our computers, IoTs, or in other microdevices. This memory is generally a RAM (Random Access Memory) that allows data items to be read or written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory. What is static memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation? In…
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