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How To Make An MSIX Windows Installer Package

What is MSIX? Which RAD Studio versions support MSIX package provisioning? What is the structure of an MSIX package? How do I create an MSIX package? How can an MSIX package help with Windows app development? What is an MSIX installer package? MSIX is modern file installation package for Windows applications. Windows apps packaged with MSIX can be uploaded to the Windows Store to make…
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The Top Free C++ Compilers to Download Right Now

C++ Programming language is one of the most reachable software that can be downloaded easily that means users can develop their small applications for different platforms free. If you are looking for the best free C and C++ compiler available today, this article lists the Top Free C/C++ Compilers with their features. It’s very hard to identify which C++ compiler is the best for you, as…
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What Is The Metaverse And What Does It All Mean?

What is The Metaverse? When did The Metaverse start? What does The Metaverse mean in the digital world? Will there be a single Metaverse? Can we build a Metaverse without programming? How does metaverse work in programming? Let’s start to answer these questions. What is The Metaverse? Simply put, The Metaverse is a digital world simulation software with data that allows users to simulate…
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What Is An Accelerometer And How To Use It in C++?

What is a motion sensor? What is an accelerometer? Which C++ IDE supports the use of motion sensors? How can I use a motion sensor in my C++ code? What is the difference between a motion detector and motion sensor? How can I detect the motion of a device? How can I measure the acceleration of device? Let’s answer these questions. What is a motion sensor? Strictly speaking, a motion…
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