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Handle Based File Operations In C++ Builder

Handle based file read and write methods can be used in Modern C++, In C++ Builder. In Modern C++ we highly recommend you to use Modern File Operations to support your application on all platforms and for the some benefits of using these methods like supporting worldwide languages by using UnicdeStrings etc. If you dont need these, you can easily use old methods in C++ Builder with GUIs. You can…
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Learn To Create Alpha Color Bitmap From A Bitmap By A Given Color In Modern C++

Photoshop, GIMP and other professional Photo Editors are capable to convert one color to a alpha color. You choose a color and all same colors of pixels are goes to alpha color which is transparent. These kind of images are good to blend in front o another background of images. You can also add glamorous effects, like gloom, shadows etc. on those images. In this post we will present to how…
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Learn How To Adapt Classic Windows C/C++ Samples To Modern C++ In C++ Builder

There are many C++ examples and many tutorials over the classic C/C++, and when you jump to Modern C++ these examples may seem to be very hard to adapt. In real, it is not complicated much, you just need to modify input and output operations to GUI based input and output components. So basically, most of classic C and C++ examples are easy to transfer to GUI based applications.In this article, we…
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If Statements In Modern C++

There are two kinds of if statements in modern C++: runtime if and compile-time if constexpr. Runtime if looks like: if (condition) statement-true if (condition) statement-true else statement-false In both forms of above if the result of condition yields to true, then statement-true is executed. Otherwise (in the second form of above) the statement-false is executed. Any expression…
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