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Learn To Use The Multi-Talented Printf() Function In C++

The Printf function is one of the oldest and most powerful function that we use to print out strings or that we use to print out to a stream or to another string. Do you want to learn basics of printf() function? Who says you can’t use printf() in Modern C++? Who says printf() is oldish ? 🙂Before we use cout cin in C++ (actually I don’t use them in my Modern Apps), we were using…
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C++C++11C++14C++17Introduction to C++Learn C++

Learn To Use Wide Strings (wstring) In C++

What is wstring? How can we use wide strings? What is difference between string and wstring? Generally in Introduction to C++ lessons, examples are started with string examples and ends with them, while the Modern C++ uses Wide Strings and Unicode Strings to support worldwide languages. In C++ there are several typedefs for common character types are provided: String types are defined in…
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