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Learn Encoding And Decoding Data Files By Using Bit Shifting

What is the fastest data encoding and decoding method ? How you can secure your data by a fastest method ? Can we use shifting to encode or decode a data ? Can we use shifting on Strings or on Binaries data? When you read and test examples below, you will have answers to all these questions. Thebitis the most basic unit of information in computing and digital communications. In real…
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Easily Learn To Use Merge Sort Algorithm With Linked Lists In C++

A Linked List, composed with structure elements and it is a linear data structure, and each elements are stored at different memory locations. Linked lists are good to add, inserts, subtract, delete each elements from this list. A Simple linked list example is given before in this Learn to Code Simple Linked List in Modern C++ on Windows post.In present post we will explain how to sort two linked…
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Learn How To Check The 32bitness Or 64bitness Your C++ Application

If you are looking to a way to reliably determine whether C++ code is being compiled in 32 bits or 64 bits there is way to check in C++ codes. For a cross platform compilation (cross compiler environments like FireMonkey framework in C++ Builder) there is no single reliable method to check if your application is running as a 32bits or 64bits application. Note that lower bits applications (i.e…
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Helpers for Generic C++ Code Iterating Over Sequences

The iterator library that is part of the C++ Standard Library provides the following helpers for writing generic code: #include <iterator> // helpers are defined here template<class Container> void foo(Container& c) { // Generic way to obtain (constant) iterators auto b = std::begin(c); // (1) auto cb = std::cbegin(c); // (2) auto e = std::end(c); //…
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