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How to Use Powerful Form Methods in Cross-Platform C++ Apps

Do you want to learn the available methods of forms? How we can use mouse events on forms? How we can trap and examine key presses on forms? Let’s learn about forms methods on FireMonkey Applications in C++ Builder. C++ Builder makes writing C++ programs a lot easier C++ Builder is the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for building simple or professional applications on the Windows…
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Learn To Simulate Realistic 2D Ball Physics in C++ Builder

In this post we will explain how we can simulate realistic 2D ball physics in an easy and accessible way. Let’s assume that we look from a X-Y view, and Y is the height that means Y=0 is the ground. How we can simulate a ball physics in a given ball velocity, and gravity in that environment. C++ Builder is a great compiler and IDE with FireMonkey and VCL frameworks. It has compilers…
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Why You Should Learn About Hilarious Hedgehogs In C++

I know what you’re thinking: hedgehogs. Those cute, spiky little mammals who snuffle around in bushes and famously curl into a ball when life looks a little too scary. But, bear with me, those hedgehogs can serve a serious purpose in C++. Do you want to draw vectors in arrows? Want to visualize with hedgehogs on a bitmap? In this post, we will explain how you can draw your engineering…
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This Is The Smart Low Code Way To Do 3D Visualization In C++

How we can display two dimensional data? Can we display data in X and Y? How can we create rectangular prism in 3D in C++? How we can generate random two dimensional data? How can we display 2D data with rectangular bars? How can we rotate 3D visualization? How can we zoom in and zoom out to a 3D visualization? C++ Builder helps you to use the minimum code possible It’s true, sometimes…
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