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This Is How To Compile C++ Apps On Windows

How can I compile my C++ app code on Windows? How can I compile Modern C++ code on Windows? How can I compile C++ on Windows with visual UI elements? Let’s answer these questions. If you are new to programming or even if you coming to C++ from another programming language, sometimes it is hard to understand how to write C_++ code, how to design the screens and how to compile and run…
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How To Create Pop-up Menu in C++ Builder?

How can I create visual menus in C++? What is a Pop-up menu? Which C++ IDE supports the ability to create menus? How can I create a visual Popup Menu in C++? What is TPopupMenu? What is TMenuItem? What kind of menus I can create? What is Menu in Programming? Menus are one of the most important parts of professional applications. If you are developing a small application, you may prefer…
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How To Add A Sepia Image Effect In Your Apps With No Code

What is a sepia effect in a C++ app? Is there an easy way to add sepia effects to components? How can I add a sepia effect to alpha images in my applications? How can I use the TSepiaEffect component in C++ Builder? What are the visual tips to add a sepia effect in the development of C++ applications? Let’s answer these questions. C++ Builderis the easiest and fastest C and C++ IDE for…
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What You Need For Encoding Wide Strings Using Bit Shifting

What is the fastest wide string encoding and decoding method? What is the fastest method to secure wide strings? Can we use shifting to encode or decode a wide string? Can we use shifting on Wide-Strings or on binary data? Let’s answer these questions. What are bitwise operations? Thebitis the most basic unit of information in computing and digital communications. In real…
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